Four medals for our cheeses at the Mondial du Fromage

Four medals for our products at Mondial Cheese and Dairy Products. If you are the protagonist of this edition of the event hosted by the French city of Tours, one of the world’s best-selling lands, you should be interested in an international competition that is individualized and valued by the best players in the world. Il Mondial du Fromage has proposed a confrontation of circa thousand five hundred products (most of the French quality) and, in this dispute of eccezione, abbiamo meritato riconoscimenti con ognuno dei four pecorini con cui abbiamo gareggiato. The complete balance sheet has not registered due to the silver medal and the bronze medal, with the performance that has ensured the high quality of our product.

The most important thing is that it has been assigned to the pecorino stagionato with tartufo “Il Piacere” and the pecorino stagionato in the pit arenarie “L’Ambra di Talamello” which has won the silver. This is a double premium testimonial of our ability and attention to the nature of the production line of the format that is part of the selection of the premium material and that it finally arrives in the stable nature of the dove, attracting the natural maturing process for a longer period or less long than the second of its characteristic features. Vengono determines the taste, it savors and the consistency of the single specialty. The World of Cheese and Dairy Products has enjoyed later soddisfazioni with due bronze conferiti with the pecorino stagionato in the grotto “Il Petroso” and the pecorino stagionato with rosmarino “Il Ricordo” che configured one of the most recent new ones in a ricco catalog of spazia tra i classici della tradizione, gli affinati, gli aromatizzati e i biologici. This article follows on from four of the first awards of the 2022 World Cheese Awards, which confirmed the quality testimonial of the world cheese set. “Il Mondial du Cheese et des Produits Dairies – spiega Giancarlo Canti – has provided a new testimonianza from the international livell of the association of quality of our food. Our will is to carry the excellence of the traditional Italian tradition declining in a contemporary tradition of new sapori and new abbinamenti as the testimony of “Il Ricordo” and “Il Piacere”, and all the same time of tramandare the ancient technology of stagionatura expresses da “L’Ambra di Talamello” and da “Il Petroso”. Ogni form, infatti, born with the obiettivo di esprimere a storia, a territory, a passione, an arte di “fare il formaggio” and a filiera che vogliamo narrated in Italia and the world”.

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