The specialty catalog of Rocca Toscana Formaggi is always developing among fresh, aged and semi-aged cheese. Tradition and innovation find a harmonious combination in our daily work to amaze and satisfy every palate with sheep, goat or mixed milk products that testify a dedication oriented to the study, research and improvement of new variations of flavors capable to give pleasant surprises.


Tuscan dairy tradition on the table. The “Classics” line by Rocca Toscana Formaggi offers a rich variety of products varying from fresh to aged and semi-aged cheeses reinterpreted by our skills and wisdom. In every wheel, it is possible to recognize the distinctive imprint of our dairy: white texture, soft and fragrant, not spicy but tasty.


The close relationship with our territory is expressed by the Pecorino Toscano Dop which, fresh or seasoned, is the result of a perfect balance between ancient traditions and modern production techniques that allow to obtain a cheese with a distinctive and inimitable taste, recognizable by the brand quality bestowed by the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Toscano Dop. Among our specialties are also the pecorino aged in sandstone pits “L’Ambra di Talamello”, and the pecorino aged in the cave in the natural caves of Valentano “Il Petroso” which was recognized the gold medal at the Alma Caseus competition at Cibus di Parma in 2016 in the “Sheep milk cheeses” category.

Our catalog also includes a selection of cheeses intended to offer different taste experiences, ranging from “Il Vessillo” (typical aged pecorino), “Il Refolo” (Tuscan goat cheese), “Il Novo” (young cheese), “Il Rubino” (Semi-aged pecorino with red rind), “Il Corvino” (matured pecorino with black rind) and “L’Abbraccio” (matured cheese made with sheep and goat milk).

A harmonious combination of tradition and innovation. The “Flavored” line by Rocca Toscana Formaggi originates from the encounter of sheep milk with ingredients and raw materials that are unusual for a dairy: mixing inside the dairy machine allows homogeneous blends with a perfect balance between different flavors. Our catalog of flavored pecorinos is constantly growing thanks to the research of new recipes motivated by the desire to amaze the palate through real sensory experiences.


Every product of the “Flavored” line has its own history and its own value, all proved by the use of typical Italian high quality ingredients which allow to offer excellent products such as “Il Solare” (pecorino with saffron stigmas), “Il Prodigio” (pecorino with white truffles) or “Il Piacere” (pecorino with summer truffles, which received the best flavor award at the Bellavita Expo international fair in Amsterdam in January 2019). We pay a particular attention to the use of raw materials  from a controlled supply chain, obtaining such cheeses like “Il Gioviale” (pecorino with Chianti Docg wine) or “Il Frastuchino” (pecorino with green pistachios from Bronte Dop).

Our first flavored cheese was “L’Impero”, pecorino with pears, which opened up a tradition and a line. But we like to constantly review and renew our range using new ingredients: figs for “Il Goloso”, grappa for “L’Audace”, chilli for “L’Ardito”, blueberries for “Il Notturno”, honey for “Il Dorato”, candied oranges for “Il Tesoro”…

Refining a cheese is an art that has its roots back in time. The “Refined” line by Rocca Toscana Formaggi brings to the table a pecorino made using ancient dairy techniques which, combined with modern researches and experiments, guarantee amazing flavors and tastes.


In the past centuries, cheese was combined with aromas or peculiar elements inside natural pits or caves, or in containers such as earthenware pot or wine vats, which allowed a better conservation of the product and, at the same time, modified the characteristics and the texture of the cheese. These refined cheese production techniques have been handed down over the centuries up to our day: we have made a state-of-the-art production that, with the necessary hygiene guarantees, is able to offer a pleasant combination of milk and the elements of nature.

The “Refined” line is rich and varied, and includes: “Il Noceto” (pecorino aged under walnut leaves), “Il Tino” (pecorino aged under marc), “Il Fienile” (pecorino aged under hay), “Lo Spigante” (pecorino aged under wheat), “Il Carbonaro” (pecorino aged under black pepper), “Il Selvatico” (pecorino aged under juniper), “Il Frantoio” (pecorino aged under olive leaves) and “Il Cinerino” (pecorino aged under ashes).

The quality of our cheeses with a more specific attention to customers and environment. The “Organics” line by Rocca Toscana Formaggi originates from the processing of sheep milk from agro-pastoral farms with certified natural breeding standards, providing a stronger guarantee on the health of animals and people. The use of organic raw materials and artisanal manufacturing processes provide each pecorino with an authentic and genuine flavor.


The “Organic” catalog contains a selection of some of our best classic cheeses and flavored pecorino cheeses.

Our offer include “Il Petroso” (organic pecorino aged in cave), “Il Piacere” (fresh organic pecorino with truffle), “Il Notturno” (organic pecorino with blueberries), “Il Goloso” (organic pecorino with figs) and “Il Frastuchino” (organic pecorino with green pistachios from Bronte Dop).


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